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World of Rugby League [with Playing Cards]


'World of Rugby League' is our latest 5/6 System production following the amazing success of 'The Beautiful Game' which has generated more sales than any of our products including our flag-ship game, 'International Cricket'. Other titles in the 5/6 series are 'Rugby World' (Rugby Union), 'Blue Zone Hockey' (ice hockey) and 'Cricket World', all of which are available from Owzat Games (

'World of Rugby League' plays quickly, about ten minutes per match, yet provides a wealth of descriptive detail and accurate stats. both in team and match scores and also individual scorers. The 5/6 System means that it is quite feasible to replay a complete season of the Engage Super League in a sensible time scale - a complete weekend's fixtures will take you no longer than 60-90 minutes when you become familiar with the play system.

We use an ordinary deck of playing cards to construct the Match Cards Deck, red suite representing the home team, black the visitors. The number of each suite to be included in the Deck is based on the average points scored and conceded by each of the teams, thus ensuring the statistical accuracy of the results achieved. This Match Card Deck is then 'worked through' by rolling two dice, the white die determining which card (working down through the deck) is either discarded (on a roll of 1,2,3 or 4) or triggers a Half-Chance (on a roll of 5) or a Chance (on a roll of 6) - and then discarded. Each card discarded consumes 1 or 2 minutes of playing time as will be described later. The green die is used to select the Half Chance or Chance Card if one is triggered by a 5 or 6 roll on the white die. Half-Chances and Chances are resolved by rolling two dice, applying a Match Score Modifier if necessary, and referring the result to one of the ninety Half Chance or ninety Chance Cards as appropriate.

The Match Score Modifier is necessary to ensure that both low and high scoring matches can occur. Each team is rated not only for points scored and conceded (their actual average over the season) but also on a -1, 0 or +1 basis for their propensity to be involved in low or high scoring matches (again based on their actual match totals over the season), the merging of the two team's Match Score Rating determining the Match Score Modifier for a particular match.

We provide the formula for rating your own leagues, either earlier seasons of the Super Leagues or Rugby League competitions in other countries. The process of rating other leagues is quite simple provided you have all the relevant stats.

As with other 5/6 system titles we offer the game in two 'layers', Layer One will produce just the team scores and the timing of scores (and will play in about 6-7 minutes per match), adding on Layer Two will enable you to identify try scorers and goal kickers. The slight increase in playing time is usually worthwhile as it produces more complete stats., commentaries, etc.

If you have used other 5/6 System simulations you will find 'World of Rugby League' very easy to pick up, but please do read the Rules that follow as there are important differences.

Terry Goodchild

October 2009

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