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Cricket World


'Cricket World' is our latest offering in the 5/6 Series, although in this case it would be more accurate to call this a 4/5/6 design. It will enable the user to stage 5-day Test Matches in under one hour using the Layer One version, adding on Layers Two, Three and Four will add much more detail at the cost of a longer playing time, but even at Layer Four a 5-day match should be possible in about 90 minutes once the system is thoroughly understood.

Whereas our more detailed cricket simulation 'International Cricket' is much like watching a complete match, ball-by- ball, 'Cricket World' shows you just the highlights, the fall of wickets, the dropped catches and the declined appeals. At Level Four you will still have most of the stats. details you require, batsmen's scores, bowlers' figures, but you won't find the individual personalities that the Player Cards in 'International Cricket' provide, for 'Cricket World' is based on Team Ratings for Batting and Bowling (fielding ability is reflected in the Bowling Ratings), both of which are taken from real-life stats., either for a full calendar year or for a specific series. The good thing, of course, is that you can construct your own Ratings for a particular year or series, we show you how to do that. Having said that, our plan is to publish shortly after this simulation is issued, a booklet Rating all countries for every year since Test cricket started - when that happens you will be able to play any Test match from history, or match the best of one era against the best of another, the match-ups are virtually endless.

Finally, we also provide rules for playing 3 and 4 day matches, so that you can research your own County, State or Island teams and run domestic competitions, assuming, of course, that you are not overwhelmed by the many, many replay hours that are contained in this basic package.


To avoid too much happening too quickly at the start of an innings the first two non-Joker Activations (Batting or Bowling) of each innings are regarded as Roll 4 Activations, i.e. the Batting 4 or Bowling 4 Cards are used whether the Activation is by a 4,5 or 6 roll. This does not affect the play-balance in any way.

If a Joker is Activated as one of the first two Activations of an innings (only on a roll of 5 or 6 of course) this does not count as one of the two Activations affected by this new Rule.

After the 6th wicket you add 2 bowling cards to the pack, and two more each subsequent wicket.

Because of the simplified way in which runs are allocated to batsmen the use of 'night-watchmen' is not recommended in 'Cricket World'.

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