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'World of Golf' is designed to allow the user to stage 18,36,54, or 72 hole tournaments with a field of fifty to sixty golfers in a reasonable time whilst maintaining some of the excitement of an ever changing Leader Board as each round is played, and at the same time reflecting the form displayed by the individual All Time Great players over the course of a season, with due allowance for surges of good and bad form throughout the year. The Form rules consist of a random element for each player at the commencement of his opening round of a tournament (but not entirely random as every golfer is 'Form Rated' to simulate his season's performance), but for subsequent rounds of that tournament the Form Factor is based on his most recent round compared to par, so that, for instance, a player who scores well in the opening round despite a poor randomised Form Factor should perform even better over the next 18 holes etc. etc.

Single player rounds an be used, or you can send out the players in pairs or in threes and in rounds other than the first you can give the leaders later start times or operate some form of seeding as you wish. You can also reduce the field by applying a 'cut' after two rounds, with only the leaders completing the final two rounds of the tournament.

What this type of game cannot do, and remain playable in a sensible time, is to simulate the action of individual player's every shot. If that is the type of simulation you are looking for then we recommend our 'Ryder Cup' game where this sort of treatment is possible with a small number of golfers in a match play context. Indeed 'WoG' doesn't even attempt to replay every hole, instead taking several holes at once and producing a result compared to par for that particular section of the round. In that way a round takes little more than a minute to complete per player, so even a 60 player 72 hole tournament is playable in around 4 hours. We provide a List of courses with over 70 venues, but provided you know the par score for a course you can stage your tournaments at any venue of your choice. We even offer you Weather Rules (optional) so that you can put your golfers through the 'Carnoustie Experience' if you feel so inclined!

The Rules that follow explain how the basic game system works. We follow that up with a few suggestions about how to run a tournament and organise your paperwork. We also suggest some Optional Rules for those who enjoy such things, plus, of course the Player Cards and Tournament Schedule. We also provide rules for Match Play and a completely different system 'Quick world of Golf' with supporting Charts etc. for those who require an even quicker game. See you on the tee.

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