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Championship Boxing A-T-G Edition [inc Let's Rumble]


Championship Boxing’ is intended to be a realistic simulation of top-class boxing producing accurate results and incorporating all the relevant factors such as boxing skill, punching power, stamina etc. Considerable thought has been given to a system of play that captures some of the ‘feel’ of boxing, while still playing quickly. Once the play mechanics have been thoroughly grasped each round takes only on to two minutes to play and each bout can be set up and the Scorecard prepared in about five minutes. It is thus feasible to fight a whole series of bouts in an evening’s play, quickly building up statistics and rankings for all weight divisions.

The ratings will, of course be contentious. Everyone has their own opinion about the qualities of their own favourite fighter. All I can say is that each rating has been carefully researched,contemporary fight reports have been studied where possible,different opinions have been carefully weighed and several sources have been examined in arriving at the final figures. If you disagree with any rating try to clear your mind of bias and prejudice an if you still disagree, change it! As the purchaser the game is presented entirely for your pleasure, don’t let my opinions spoil it for you!

On the subject of alteration of ratings the game does have another function beyond the mere replay angle. It can be used to answer some otherwise unanswerable questions. Not just, ‘Who was the best, Marciano or Ali? But questions like, ‘How good could Henry Cooper have been if he had not been so vulnerable to cutting around the eyes?. Would Sugar Ray Leonard have been the world’s greatest ever welterweight if he had had the hitting power of Thomas Hearns? Would Floyd Paterson have been a great champion if he had had a sounder chin? The answers are there for you to explore, just change those rating! While you are about it, why not conjure up your own personal ratings and step into the ring with Frank Bruno, Sugar Ray Robinson or Barry McGuigan.

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