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Grand Prix Re-Run 2000


We have revisited this game, first published in 1983, because using the Track Display produced for ‘World of Motor Racing’ it provides a quick and ‘clean’ way of replaying seasons of Formula One, producing accurate and realistic results and offering the excitement of Qualifying for each race, it takes about an hour to play each race. The Basic Rules which are recommended when first using this simulation avoid many of the complications developed during the life of the original game, we also publish a series of Advanced Rules and Charts which incorporate other features on a mix and match basis. You can use them all or just those that suit your personal taste. All involve some additional book keeping and playing time and while adding to the feel of the simulation will not materially affect the results you achieve. In response to customer feedback we have included a method using the simulation without making decisions regarding Driving Mode for all or some of the drivers, thus , as an option you can run a season controlling a single driver or team, letting the Automatic Mode look after the other drivers. Other users will prefer the more conventional replay method of involving themselves in basic decisions for all drivers, making the appropriate choices at each stage.

In a nutshell the simulation’s concept is that all drivers and cars do not start a race equal, nor does their performance remain constant during the race. Driver and car combinations have different potential and varying degrees of reliability both in terms of breakdown and crash propensity. The driver/car combinations are each given a Seasonal Rating reflecting their performance over the season, together with Crash and Reliability Ratings. The Seasonal Ratings are used as the starting point for each race’s Qualifying, which in turn set the Provisional Grade foe the driver for that particular race in addition to his grid position. This Grade can be modified up or down on race day, and can alter several times during the race itself, simulating changes of fortune, minor handling problems etc. Each race comprises eight race sections, the length of each race section in terms of laps depends on the number of laps in the race. Apart from the up and down grading mentioned above, race performance can be subject to spins, pit stops,retirements, etc.

We use the Track Display to resolve both Qualifying and the race itself, the race winner will usually make approximately two complete circuits during the course of his eight turns. There are various charts to describe spins, pit stops, retirements etc. and to determine distance between drivers after each race section but we have deliberately kept the basic game as clean and free of complications as possible whilst ensuring accurate results over the course of a season.

Formula one motor racing has changed dramatically over the years and we have therefore included six seasons,1964,1976,1997,1998,1999 & 2000 all of which should produce some fascinating replay gaming.

Grand Prix Re-Run was originally shelved following the publication of the World of Motor Racing series. That design ( Part 1 covers formula one racing) remains our top motor racing product but hope many replay gamers will enjoy the simple but effective system used in the reworking of a popular game the has been out of print for so long.

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