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Sixth Tackle



“Sixth Tackle” is a replay simulation of Rugby Football League. Each Team is rated for Attack and Defence, and by comparing the Ratings for the opposing teams a series of Attack Numbers are obtained for each side. [See Pre-Match Procedures Card].

Because the game recreates only the ‘highlights’ [potentially dangerous attacks] of a match the varying frequency with which these Attack Numbers are rolled on two dice, controls the number of potentially dangerous attacks each team makes. Clashes between the teams with strong defences and weak attacks will produce low scoring games, and, of course the converse is also true.

Before rolling to check to see if either team launches a dangerous attack the Time Clock marker is advanced one minute, if neither team’s Attack Number is rolled this represents mid-field rolled this represents mid-field or inconclusive action on the pitch.

Another minute ticks by before the Attack Numbers are checked again. By simulating only the highlights an entire match can be replayed in about 20-25 minutes without losing any of the important action or excitement. When either team’s Attack number is rolled a simple procedure establishes how the attack started, which player has possession and where exactly on the field of play the attack is centred as you join the action. From then on dice rolls on one or other of the various Charts plot the outcome of the attack until it either breaks down or points are scored. Most of the actions are taken from the Action Chart which is common to both teams, but approximately one in six are taken from the Team’s own Team Card, helping recreate that team’s particular style of play, strengths and weaknesses. Other ’actions’ are dependent on individual Player Ratings.

A marker is moved on the Field of Play to chart the development of the attack, another marker on the Team Card shows who has possession, and a third is used on the Time Clock to keep track of time.

Each team’s place-kicker is designated, and the more expert of these is rated [+1] which gives them an important advantage with certain field goal attempts. Weather and Wind Rules also effect the ability to kick field goals.

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