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Sunday League Cricket


Sunday League Cricket' is our simulation of the English domestic limited-overs Sunday League known as Totesport National League in 2005 (and for the previous six years). 'Simulation' may be a misnomer, as the design is really an innings score generator, with no details of individual batting or bowling performances, and with individual matches playable in under five minutes. However, we have built into the system other aspects to keep the hardened replay gamer interested.

In this design we use Dynamic Squad Values for both Batting and Bowling that change after each match depending on the result and which can then again be amended before the next match due to injury, etc. to key (but unnamed) Squad members. The final Squad Value is converted into Batting and Bowling Team Ratings which are cross-referenced with the opponent's Ratings to produce a Team Code for each team which is used in conjunction with both a Wickets-per-Over Chart and a Runs-per-Over Chart when that team bats to produce an innings total. If the team batting second wins the match there is a method of back-tracking to find the margin of victory.

When we design a replay game the aim is to produce realistic and accurate results within a system that incorporates the essence of the sport. Limited-overs cricket is all about Run Rate while attempting to maximise an innings total by batting out the full 45 overs, so 'Sunday League Cricket' basically determines how long an innings lasts (in overs), then determines the run rate for the innings to come up with the innings total. What is built into each Team's Batting and Bowling Ratings, and consequently their Team Code, is your guarantee of accuracy, while the dynamic nature of the Squad Values ensure that teams can enjoy 'hot streaks' or suffer serious loss of form and confidence following a run of losing matches.

We have built in different Pitch Types (which will affect either the speed with which wickets fall or the speed at which runs are scored (or both)) with particular reference to the fact that many Sunday matches are played at venues other the County's normal home ground, which often means a more 'sporting' (in Groundsman speak) wicket than you would expect at the 'home' ground. Optional Rules for Weather are provided (the Totesport League uses the Duckworth/Lewis system which will delight some of you, but not all!) and for those who want some small involvement in decision making (even in such a quick-playing game as this) there is a choice of playing an innings with five 'shades' of aggression, two on either side of Normal.

Finally, we have designed the system around the presumption that users may wish to play off a complete set of Sunday fixtures at once, well, at least to the extent of completing all the first innings before going on to resolve each of the second innings in turn. Single matches are, of course, still possible.

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