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Return of Heavyweight Champ


You are about to enter the world of professional boxing as the manager of a British heavyweight contender at the start of his career. There are ten to choose from (see the Contender List Card), each with a 'potted' life history, different skills and varying amounts of Experience Points [EP's], which can be converted via training into increased skill Ratings, and Reputation Points RP's) which control the quality of the Opponents who are prepared to fight your man, and the amount of Purse Money a particular fight will attract.

Experience Points can only be gained by fighting, while Reputation Points depend on winning. A run of defeats can see your Contender's reputation slipping, with the consequent inability to obtain attractive fights.

There are four types of Training, each designed to improve different skill Ratings. You may decide after a while to take your Contender over to the States where the harder training will bring him on quicker and where he will be fighting some of the top names in the division. But that costs money, to set up training quarters there in the first place, and then in the form of much higher monthly Training Expenses. You must also decide whether to go for the British, Commonwealth or European Titles, or ignore those and go all out for the World Title. The 'domestic' Titles are good for your reputation but incur the liability to defend them every six months, and can you afford the time in your bid to become World Champion? The Tempus Fugit Rules effectively mean that you have no more than 3 to 31/2 years to reach that goal, for your Contender's skills will begin to diminish thereafter.

The fight system supplied with this game is very simple and very quick, but uses all the four 'skill' aspects that are the unique property of your Contender. For those of you who already have our game 'Championship Boxing' we have supplied the alternative Ratings you will need to use the fight system in that game. This will make the game much longer but also more detailed.

We have drafted the Rules for this game making use of several CARDS which cover a particular aspect of the game. Refer to these CARDS when they are mentioned as you read through these Rules.

Good Luck! Can you provide us with a British Heavyweight World Champion at last?

THE SHORT AND LONG GAMES We have deliberately avoided making a precise conversion of the Short Game Rating to the 'Championship Boxing' system. Thus owners of 'Championship Boxing' will find that the two versions of the game will play completely differently and will throw up two different sets of problems for you to solve.

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