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World Cup Ski-ing 2006 edition [ Full Game]



‘World Cup Ski-ing’ is a single or multi-player simulation of the men’s Downhill season, with individual Skier Cards for the 2005/06 Season . These will enable you to recreate an actual season of racing Nine other unnamed Skier Cards are also included, reflecting varying abilities and skill, so that you can select a Card for yourself or your friends and compete against the world’s best in a full season of World Cup Ski-ing.

Course Section cards are used to ‘construct’ any of the twenty nine downhill coursed used over the past few years, every effort having been made to portray the individual features of the courses in addition to ensuring that running times are accurate. Of course running times vary from year to year and in different snow conditions but the times you achieve should bear close resemblance to typical race times.

The Skier Cards have been designed to highlight each individual’s own style of racing, with Ratings reflecting ability to tackle Turns, Bumps, Jumps and Speed (gliding) sections, plus a Charge Rating based on varying abilities to ‘turn it on’ at vital moments. These ratings and an Overall and Starting Control Factor make each skier an individual requiring slightly different techniques to extract from them their fastest times. Each course makes it’s own special demands on the skiers every race and every run is different.

Whilst we assume that most users will want to take each skier down the hills making all decisions for them we also include a method that allows you to sit back and have those decisions made for you for some or all of the skiers. Using these tables you could, for instance, control just a single skier yourself, and race him against the system-controlled other skiers, thus avoiding any possibility of influencing their performances. Racing your skiers requires you to select one of three Modes for each of the seven or eight Sections that make up a course, Cautious,Normal or Charge. Your decision as to the Mode will depend on the skier’s current Control Factor, the type of Section being tackled and how well the run is going so far in terms of time. Split Times are produced at two or three points during the run to help you judge the performance, but sometimes it is necessary to select one of the slower Modes, just to ensure that your skier actually completes the course. The Control Factor changes frequently during the run and reflects the skier’s current overall control and balance and if you allow it to fall too low and still attempt to ‘charge’ this is at your peril!

Each run will take about three or four minutes to complete once the game mechanics have been mastered, so a full meeting can be staged in about one and a half hours.

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