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Wings over France



A revised edition of the solo WWI air campaign board game, the subject of an excellent review in the wargame magazine Fire and Movement.

With the original print run of boxes and boards exhausted this popular wargame is now available as a non-boxed version of the game, thanks to Lutz Pietschker, who has redesigned all the charts so that they now appear on a folding A3 (16.5 x 11.5 inch) display.

He has also produced a full colour map - a big improvement on the original - to give the whole game a new look. That's good news in itself but better still is that we can now offer the game at a lower price than before.

Also now included are three stand-alone scenarios:

a two-jasta strafing raid on the home field at Amiens

the 'return match' as two flights of 23rd Squadron accompany six two-seaters on a bombing raid on railway marshalling yards behind the enemy lines - and find the Death Head Jasta waiting for them en route!

a very special mission - to drop a spy behind enemy lines

Game Concept

Wings Over France is intended to be played over a 3-4 week period in early 1917 but is capable of being played as a single scenario game or to provide a basis for mass plane-to-plane combat (dogfights) of 20-plus aircraft per side.

In the Campaign Game you control one or more flights of a Royal Flying Corps squadron stationed in the Arras, France sector close to the front line, with the Allies committed to sweeping the skies clear of Huns in support of the Arras ground offensive.

A bit of a problem this, since at the time the Huns had better aircraft and more experienced pilots.

Each flight has to undertake a number of missions each day and you have to husband your dwindling meagre resources with one eye on the weather, another on the Current Victory Points situation, and a third (!) on the young rookie pilot who has just turned up to replace your best mate shot down two days ago, and who has just 15 hours solo flying to his credit.

And the Red Baron is rumoured to be operating in this sector of the front too!

The game is fun to play and needs a very measured approach to survive - let alone win. A little bit of luck helps too!

Game Features

Solo play

Command a flight of 23 Squadron - or the entire squadron.

Engage in many different missions.

Dogfights easily and quickly handled by unique air-to-air Combat System.

Named personnel rated for flying and shooting skills and Bravery.

Replacement pilots and aircraft.

Hun activity controlled entirely by simple but realistic solo rules.

Fight the dreaded Death Head Jasta led by Manfred von Richthofen.

Playing time 5 to 25 minutes per mission.

At least 3 missions each day per Flight.

21 days play in the Campaign Game.

Three stand-alone scenarios.

Check out the impressive review of the original

boxed game on the Web-Grognards wargaming site.

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