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Metric Mile [ Updated Version]


Basic Concepts

Before setting out the detailed rules it is, perhaps, necessary to explain two slightly unusual concepts that are basic to ‘The Metric Mile’. Firstly, whilst mile races are run over four laps and 1500 metre race over 3 3/4 laps, in our game each use an identical four-lap format, the only difference being the use of separate Timing Charts. However, because the main interest is usually reserved for the later stages of a race each ‘lap’ consists of a different number of turns, one for the first lap, two for the second, three for the third and four for the fourth. Each race, therefore, consists of ten turns.

Secondly, although the final total of movement points achieved by each runner determines his time for the race, a second factor, the Pace Count, also has a vital bearing on the time achieved. The Pace Count has nothing to do with any individual runner but rather is a measure of the pace at which the race is run and is dependant on the mode [pace] chosen by the current leader each turn [or the most aggressive mode in the event of joint or multiple leaders]. Thus a high movement points total plus a high Pace Count are both necessary to achieve record or near record times. This simulates the ability of a top class field to ‘tow’ runners through to a fast time, or, as an alternative, recourse to a pace-maker for the same purpose.

The game places in direct competition great runners of the past and present. All one hundred runners represented are [or were] great milers, and times recorded will be fast. Each runner is rated to perform in a way similar to his own unique running style. There is a correct way to extract the very best from each athlete, but this is for you to discover, no clues are given here. But a serious attempt has been made to up-grade all runners to the conditions and times currently applying, so that the great runners of the past will compete on even terms [subject of course, to considerations of merit] with current stars. New World Record times are possible, but will not be obtained easily. And tactical races can sometimes produce wins for the [comparatively] slower men. Everything that makes the Metric Mile the classic track event.

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